Flat Spring - Speed Nuts

Spring speed nuts reduce inventories by eliminating the need for lockwashers and spanners. Its single thread engagement design makes it easy to apply and remove. Parts are reusable. They provide the correct amount of spring tension without damaging enamel, glass or porcelain surfaces.

Flat Type - a self locking fastener made of spring steel. The perimeter of the nut is rectangular in shape. Some variations have an arched base and/or corners which are trimmed or turned.

Type "J" - allows fastener to snap into place over the edge of a panel and hold its position. Can reduce assembly time by eliminating such steps such as welding and riveting. Nut surface will accept paint without clogging inside of the thread.

Type "U" - Same advantages as the J-Type, but used where the lower leg of the spring nut requires full bearing.

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