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Can I get a sample of a product?

Of course!  We are happy to send you FREE samples for any product listed on our website. Our only ask is that YOU pay for the shipping.  We can only ship these samples UPS or Fed Ex.  CDE will require you to use YOUR OWN shipping account number. Please contact us on LIVE CHAT or at [email protected].  Please provide the part numbers you are requesting, the shipping account number to be used, and the shipping address with the person's name.

Can I get smaller quantities of a product?

Most of our items are pre-packaged in the quantities stated on our website.  Sometimes, but rarely, a smaller quantity is available, or a "Broken" box (a box that has been opened to pull samples from), in which CDE can offer.   These are still typically higher quantities.  Example:  10,000 per box item, might be available 9,000 or 5,000 in a box instead.

Do you offer product not shown on your website?

Yes.  CDE Fasteners has over 40,000 parts in stock and available online.  HOWEVER, CDE also has an additional 150,000 not yet digitized for our site.  If you can not find something, please ask.  With over 35 years fastener industry experience, we have access to lots of manufacturers and master distributors. 

What is your return policy? 

Parts must be in their original boxes and in full quantities. No returns after 30 days.  A return authorization must be obtained by contacting us before making a return. In SOME cases, a restocking fee maybe charged.

What are your shipping options?

CDE offers UPS Ground Shipping as standard rate which can be seen on the cart page after parts are added. We also offer customers the option to ship UPS Ground, Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Air when using customers own UPS Account Number.  FedEx can also be used for Ground, 2nd Day Air, Standard Overnight, Freight Economy and Freight Priority, using your own FedEx Account Number. In these cases, CDE will charge customer $0.00 and UPS or FedEx will send bill directly to customer via their account setup.  CDE will not be responsible for shipping costs accrued when using your own shipping account.  

For Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and other countries, customers are required to use their own shipping account numbers.

If another shipping method is required, please contact CDE for assistance.  We do have additonal shipping options, however our website is not currently programed to handle them. 

How soon can you ship?

CDE typically will ship all items online same day, Monday - Friday.  We have multiple shipping locations across America and will always try to ship from the closest location to the products end destination.  Our logistical warehouse locations can ship same day up until 5pm each day, however, ordering later in the day, due to time zone differences, may result in product not being able to ship until the following day.  

Example:  Ordering at 4pm in California, and product is in IL, product would not be able to ship out until following day.

Planning ahead when ordering fasteners is always best.  If you need to be assured your item will ship same day, order before 1:30pm on your time zone.  Our fasteners are logistically spread out, such that shipping same day does not become a challenge, but this is a good rule of thumb to understand and recognize.  

Tracking numbers will also be sent, via email, as soon as possible. Worst case, you will receive tracking number the following day.  Best case, you will receive tracking numbers via email within an hour from your purchase. 

When can I expect to receive my products?

Most customers will receive their products within 1-4 business days.  Not counting weekends, assuming you have ordered early enough in the day, for product to have shipped same day. 

What if I am tax exempt?

Being tax exempt is no problem.  If you have the proper documents, please email them to [email protected] .  CDE will change your online account such that you can continue to checkout without being charged sales tax. 

What payment options are accepted?

CDE accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.  For larger and reoccurring orders, CDE is happy to set you up with Net 30 day Terms and or a blanket order, in which CDE will automatically ship an item at a schedule of your choosing.  Payments would be made upon release of shipment or based on agreed upon terms.  Please contact CDE if this is of interest.