Cap - Hex Bolts

Cap Hex Bolts are an externally threaded mechanical device 1/4" diameter or larger, with a trimmed hex head and a washer face on the bearing surface.

18-8 Stainless - Used in product that require general atmospheric corrosion resistance, such as chemical and food processing equipment. (Yield Stress = 45 - 65 ksi; depending on diameter)

316 Stainless has molybdenum content and gives this stainless steel even greater corrosion resistance than 18-8 as well as superior strength at high temperatures. (Yield Stress = 45 - 65 ksi; depending on diameter)

Grade 2 is economical for use in non-critical applications where the fastener is not subject to extreme temperatures or stress beyond the limits listed within product specification sheet. (Yield Stress = 36 - 57 ksi; depending on diameter)

Grade 5 is heat treated steel with a greater tensile strength than Grade 2. (Yield Stress = 81 - 92 ksi; depending on diameter)

Grade 8 is heat treated steel made to have stronger tensile than Grade 5 (Yield Stress = 130 ksi minimum)

Grade 9 are plated with EcoGuard (Gray / Silver) and a tensile strength of 150 ksi minimum.

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